Tens SS17 Lookbook: Daydreamers

A Vision Beyond The Lens

The inspiration for the special spectacle lenses was provided by the photo filters of the photo app Instagram. The popular service offers its users a whole range of graphic filters with creative names like Earlybird, 1977 or Inkwell, which make your own snapshots more embellishable and more engaging. Would not it be great if life (unfortunately, something pale) could always look like a well-hung polaroid photo? Such was the way the four friends from Scotland thought.

And they are quite right – even the more saturated colors when looking through normal sunglasses do not want to miss any more. The Tens developers have nothing to say about the aesthetic qualities of conventional tinted spectacle lenses: desaturated, cold colors – in a word, desolate and depressing.

„Whilst regular sunglasses block out the sun with cold desaturated lens tints,
Tens work with the warmth of the sun to make everyday life look and feel ten times better.
Our lens features full UV400 protection, blocking 100% harmful rays whilst offering a pleasurable view. „


The perfect tint

For almost three years the perfect filter was pursued – the result is sunglasses with a deep brown tint. At first glance, one could also regard it as an ordinary sun protection. But stop – the lenses should differ in their filter characteristics quite hugely from other sunglasses. Rich green and blue tones, warm yellow and orange – the look through the tens of glasses makes life no less than ten times more beautiful. Oha.

In the summer of 2014, more than 9,000 prospective buyers gathered around 370,000 pounds in the summer of 2014 – almost 4,000 percent of the planned sum. Maybe the photofilter for life as a counterpart to the soundtrack from the headphone really still missing, to make each final star in the own film. And in the future maybe the sunglasses with 28 mood filters from „summer morning“ to „shortly before the UFO lands“.

Instant summer vision

No matter how big or small the effect of life-enhancing sunglass glasses is, the Tens people meet a nerve in any case. Their new commercials have even turned the hipster on VHS – with a lovingly ironic nod towards the less subtle eighties.


Check out their online shop – you also have absolutely to join their actual Kickstarter campaign!



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Tens SS17 Lookbook: Daydreamers