Mac Pro concept gives us a peek at the refreshed device as a modular Mac Mini

Apple recently announced something quite unusual for the company, namely, that they have made a mistake in the Mac Pro.

Now work on a new, modular Mac Pro, which is to be released sometime after 2017. An exact release date is just as little as the expected design. The current sense of change from Apple can be explained with the criticism of professional users, the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar did not accept as expected. Instead, there would have been an increase in the sales of older MacBook Pro.

This, along with the responses to LG’s 5K display caused, according to Thom Holwerda of OSnews, that Apple is more focused on the professional sector. The change to a modular Mac Pro was only a few weeks ago at all into the discussion. The development of this is still very much in the beginning and it will take some time for the first drafts or results to be expected. Initial estimates speak of the end of 2018 or even 2019 to a release. The modular design is designed to provide professional users with the latest hardware for Mac Pro. Likewise, the device Virtual Reality software and high-end film processing is mastered, so a support for powerful graphics cards is well set. Curved have developed a concept of how the modular Mac Pro might look.

In the integrated video you can get a first impression of it:

The Specs:

  • the side doors can swivel/rotate to open
  • 2 x slots for full-size graphics cards
  • slots for adding/exchanging hard disks/SSD drives
  • a slot for replacing the processor
  • slots for adding/replacing memory
  • ventilation holes on the top to release hot air from the computer
  • power on/off button on the front in form of a touch-ID button
  • touch bar on the front, which can display information about internal components etc.
  • microphone/headphone jacks on the front for easy access
  • SD card on front
  • connectors on the back: USB-C, USB, FireWire, LAN, HDMI
  • unlock button on the back (looks similar to that on current MacPro), which will unlock the side ‚doors‘ so that they can open


Also the speculated 27-inch Apple display with thin side edges, an iMac-moderate stand and USB-C ports at the back has been considered in the concept. As with all other concepts, none of the features or designs shown are necessarily included in the final product.


Mac Pro
Mac Pro
Mac Pro

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Mac Pro concept gives us a peek at the refreshed device as a modular Mac Mini