ROAM Ubud – Co-living for Globetrotter

After Co-working and Airbnb, Co-living is the next step towards the realization of the Sharing Economy and conquers the real estate market step by step.

Above all, so-called digital natives are looking for an alternative to the expensive serviced apartment or the obligatory shared-room. For them, co-living houses offer a mixture of privacy and community, work and live, especially in metropolises such as San Francisco, New York or London. The idea of ​​co-living, on the other hand, fosters the primordial desire for fellowship, and on the other hand provides a high personal flexibility with regard to a work-life balance – ideally on a global level, as in „Roam„.


Roamer stay in the houses as long as they want

The start-up, which opened its first locations in a former boutique hotel in Bali and the oldest boarding house in Little Havana in Miami, is now also running a „Roam“ in Madrid in a splendid city palace, the end of the 19th century Originally built for the Marques de Villamagna. The house in London will open on December 1 at the centrally located Sloane Square, closely followed by the „Roam“ in the trendy Tokyo district of Rappongi, which will be bookable as of 1 January. Roamer can stay in one of the houses as long as they want.

The cost per suite is between 500 US dollars per week and 1800 US dollars per month depending on the stay and offer in principle for two people. The fee is not per person per suite. Included are all utilities such as electricity and water as well as access to the co-working space and the internet. Only for the physical well-being you have to take care of yourself, but this often happens together with new friends, colleagues and neighbors in the community kitchen. For someone who changes professionally and moves to a foreign city, a co-living house can be a home for a couple of weeks before you find your own address, or you simply stay for several months and then move on or go back Home.


Co-Living is a business model for real estate operators

But Co-living speaks in principle to anyone who works either independently of the place or is moving from one city to the next, or even in retirement, combining travel with living. Co-living is actually only a return to the village community, which can also establish itself in the big city and where man is the center. „Roam“ continues to move and plans the next co-living houses. 2017 will come to Tokyo San Francisco and then Berlin.

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ROAM Ubud – Co-living for Globetrotter